今日はこどもの日です!六本木で21_21 Design Sightのびじゅつかんへさんっぽしに行きました!
「雑貨」のエキジビションをみました、めっちゃきれいだったよ👀  I was also in a vessel realised at the hand of Ando Tadaoさん, so basically I’m good to DIE now.

IMG_5066IMG_5070IMG_5071 copy

The exhibit, ZAKKA, revolved around the concept of the miscellaneous object, either found, acquired by some means or interpreted by the poignance and hilarity that is life (or something), it was fun. Might be a hazard to check out if you’ve hoarder tendencies though. I’m borderline, so I made it out alive, thank the old gods + the new.

IMG_5074IMG_5077IMG_5078This man probably thought I was stalking him the entire exhibit. Look at his cowering shoulders!

IMG_5080IMG_5081IMG_5083All the Best Rubbish, Naomi Hirabayashi

IMG_5085LOST & FOUND, Miyoko Okao

IMG_5089IMG_5091IMG_5092IMG_5094IMG_5097IMG_5100IMG_5102IMG_5103IMG_5104IMG_5105IMG_5106IMG_5107IMG_5117The pinnacle of bathrooms. I’ve lived.


As demonstrated it was a gorgeous-arse day. Roppongi can be a pretty polarising place, but Midtown always brings the goods. And many puppies frequent the area, so there’s that. I’m gonna start my own Zakka exhibition now. Later 👋


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