I ain’t got shit to say

… Only that I love Omotesando + Omotesando loves me back.*


🏊 🏊 🏊  / White Lines Fila Showroom @ Eco Farm Cafe 632 / Raw Cacao and Lemon Cheesecake @ Ain Soph Journey


*And also that Indian Love Tea tastes just like straight black tea and I think I’ve been taken for a spin, and my neck is cramped at a 45° angle from gazing at lush rooftops, never knowing what my eyes will find, mayhaps a white washed barber loft-shop, a coffee house, a person staring back at me (I won’t avert my gaze) also it’s cool to bring your chihuahuas to Eco Farm and let ’em run loose in the smoker’s terrace, I’ve just witnessed two obasan do it with visors and lit cigarettes.


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